Sketch Page

3/3 slots

I draw a sketch page of either an original character or a character from an existing property for you. These sketch pages include at least two full-body OR waist-up sketches and one headshot. Depending on the complexity, some sketch pages can consist of a variable amount of headshots, waist-up sketches, and full-body sketches.

  • Headshot Triptych
    Three headshots. Cheaper than the sketch portrait offering.
  • Basic Sketch Page
    Some full-body sketches or waist-ups, at least one headshot. I will fill the page with your character in an expressive and in-character way.
  • Fashion Plate
    Three full-body sketches of your character in clothing of my choice, based on the style or aesthetic you specify.
  • Cel shading
    Add cel shading to the entire piece.
  • Flat Color
    Add flat colors to all sketches on the page
Commission Terms