3/3 slots

Can be for anything.

Commercial use available.

Up to 4 revisions (changes) while working until I add a charge for $10 each afterward.

You will get:

  • PNG (vector) file with transparency.
  • High Resolution.
  • Base Price
    Base commission.
  • Vector image #1
    This is for any image you want to showcase. NOT an accent, that is different.
  • Vector Image #2
    This is for another image that you want for the logo. NOT an accent, that is different.
  • Accents
    Small details that give it that extra pop if you want them. These can be swirlies, dividers, laurels, text extensions, etc.,
  • Commercial Use
    If you're an earning for a profit, such as: Books, games, studios, streaming, merchandise, promotions, vtubing.
Commission Terms