50x50 Pixel

4/4 slots

Will Do

  • Equines, cervine, and kirin.
  • Couple art.
  • Lots of hair, horns, spikes, wings.
  • Complex designs are welcome!


  • Armor. I can do shiny but if it’s a lot, there will be an add on price to make up for the time spent.
  • Dragons, bovine, canines, and felines.
  • Humans. It’s been years. Will greatly depend on who/the design.

Won’t Do

  • I do not do horror or gore. Blood, bones, and scars however are the ONLY exceptions.
  • Hateful and anything negative.
  • NSFW
  • Base Price
    Base price, without add-ons
  • Small Animations
    Animated fire, smoke, and/or bounce is an additional $10 USD.
  • Legit Animation
    Anything actually animated will be $15 USD (wings flapping, tail flicks, hair movement to name a few.)
Commission Terms